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Funded by The British Academy (2021-2024)

Care-Experienced Graduates’ Decision-Making, Choices, and Destinations

Currently seeking participants

About the project

The Care-Experienced Graduates' Decision-Making, Choices and Destinations project explores the transition out of higher education and into employment and/or further study for care-experienced graduates in England and Scotland.

The project seeks to understand care-experienced students' plans for after graduation, their choices and decisions informing these plans, and actual graduate destinations. In doing this, the project intends to make recommendations for policy and practice to support graduate transitions.

Why am I researching this?

Very little is currently known about care-experienced graduates' transitions out of higher education and into employment and/or further study. An understanding of these experiences is now needed to help inform future developments in policy and practice.

Interested in participating?

I am currently looking for care-experienced final year university students to participate who are:

  • Studying either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

  • Are due to graduate from their course in 2022.

  • Are based in either England or Scotland.


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What would participation involve?

The research will involve three interviews with me over an 18-month period, with each interview lasting no more than one hour. This can be conducted via phone or online (whichever you prefer!)

You will receive an Amazon voucher after each interview as a token of appreciation for your time. This will be a total of £20 (first interview = £10, second interview = £5, third interview = £5).

If you decide to participate, you will also be provided with access to a secure online diary to note your graduate decision-making, choices, plans and experiences throughout the duration of the project. You can write as little or as much as you like in this.

Next steps

If you would like more information and/or if you are interested in participating, please complete the expression of interest form or contact me using the appropriate button .

Please be assured that an expression of interest does not commit you to participating; its purpose is only to provide me with details so that I am able to contact you directly with further information.

If you are interested in receiving updates on the project, including progress and publication announcements, please complete the Project Updates Sign-Up Sheet by clicking the appropriate button.